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Summer Ready Jewellery

Fresh & Modern Resort Accessories  

Our new Layer It! collection is inspired by balmy summer nights by the ocean. The collection mixes freshwater pearls with vibrant hued gemstones and finished with gold-plated beads and fastenings. The geometric beads contrast beautifully with the organic shaped stones.

The necklaces come in varying lengths from chokers that sit at the base of the neck to matinee that rest between the collar and bust. Opt for a single strand or layer them up for a more eclectic look. Our designers personal favourite is the Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Necklace. The deep midnight blue hue of the lapis contrasts beautifully with the bright white pearl centre. The blue is mirrored with sparkling blue crystals thats are spaced between the geometric gold beads.

Our Guide to Layering your Jewellery  

Pearls are perfect for summer. They instantly conjure up images of ocean waves and tropical beaches. A full strand of pearls might be too fussy for the resort, so best to keep things fresh and modern with a mix of pearls and vibrantly coloured gemstones.

If you're worried about look weighed down and drowning in accessories. Worry not! Go for finer strands and choose varying lengths. Start with a choker (14 - 16 inches) that sits just at the base of the neck and then go form there. Add either a princess length necklace (18 - 20 inches)  that sits on the collar bone or a matinee length (22 - 24 inches) that sits between the collar and the bust. Or go for all three lengths at once. All our necklaces feature a 2 inch extender chain to allow you to adjust the length as needed and keep you comfortable.

Keep your colours simple, avoid choosing too many contrasting colours and mix it up with neutral tones such as pearls and white seashell to create a more cohesive look. Alternate the colours by strand, for example a turquoise chocker, a pearl princess length and then a final turquoise matinee length.


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