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Roses In Bloom

Valentines day may have passed, but we predict roses are going to be a big deal all year long. Humans have long had a fascination with roses. Thousands of years ago the Egyptians wore both fresh roses and rose scent. In ancient Rome the flower was so cherished that an annual festival the Rosalia was staged in its honour. Our new collection of rose earrings aims to capture the ephemeral beauty of our favourite flower.

Sweet but with a big punch of style, our collar-grazing Rose Chandelier Earrings feature a gold-tone hoop earring strung with five cascading pedants. Hand beaded with a mix of crystals and pearl, each pendant ends with a soft fabric rose. For a more dark and delicate option our Black Rose Pendent Earrings, feature a resin rose stud with a beaded crystal chain ending in a single teardrop crystal.

Explore our six styles of rose earrings below and be sure to check our headband and necklace collections to find the perfect accessory to compliment your rose earrings.


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