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Renaissance Headwear

The Balzo

We love looking to history for inspiration. Old paintings are a perfect place to start our research when designing. The above three paintings are portraits of women wearing a 'Balzo' a headdress worn by noblewoman in renaissance Italy. Unlike turbans of the period the 'Balzo' was donut-shaped, meaning it open at the crown. Though there were variations throughout the time period, some smaller and more simple in style, the larger and more extravagantly embellished styles are magnificent.

Revival Headbands

Our velvet headbands inspired by the 'Balzo' are padded to create a high silhouette. Not as extra as the 'Balzo', but enough to add some drama to your outfit. Each design is handcrafted from rich velvet fabric. The flexible band expands allowing for comfort when wearing. Choose from a variety of designs, each only handcrafted in limited editions of no more than 20 pieces. For special occasions are crystal embellished headbands are the perfect choice for adding some instant sparkle to your outfit. 


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