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Coral Silk Satin Headband

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This headband is handcrafted from a printed silk satin in a rounded, gently padded silhouette. The ends feature a matching ribbon that ties into a bow. The inside is lined with a matching coral tone grosgrain to ensure a smooth fit.
  • Printed silk satin fabric.
  • Circumference of band 36cm.
  • Width of band 4cm tapering to 3cm at the ends.
Coral Silk Satin Headband Headbands Revival Accessories
Coral Silk Satin Headband Sale price$73.00 USD

care for your Jewels.
they are delicate

All jewellery is vulnerable. To keep your Revival jewellery sparkling for as long as possible, keep away from moisture and strong chemicals such as hair spray, perfume‚ lotions‚ household cleansers, pool and sea water.

Store them in a cool dry place, we recommend using the Revival drawstring pouch, that comes complimentary with every purchase.

Use a soft polishing cloth to gently clean your jewellery after each use. If your jewellery has a fabric component, such as our ribbon tie necklaces or bow tie collars, we recommend gently spot cleaning any marks with a damp cloth and a gentle liquid detergent. Do not submerge the whole piece in water. Air dry flat after cleaning and away from direct sunlight. The ribbon can be ironed on a low heat.

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